Pure biochar

for charging with microorganisms and saturation with nutritional substances.

for adding to bedding for animals.

for adding to animal feed.

Charged biochar

for soil improvement.

For recommendations on appropriate use of Biochar in farming or animal farming, please contact us.

Particle size:  0-1mm; 0-4mm; 0-5mm; 0-10mm; 0-15mm; 0-30mm.

We can make for you a necessary fraction


Biochar is packed into big bags: 1 cub.m., 1.5 cub.m., 2.5 cub.m.,3 cub.m.

Biochar is packed into bags: 40l., 80l.

We can also pack into your big bags or bags.


Contact us. 

Price includes package and pallet.


We analyse our biochar on a regular basis, with the help of reputable laboratories we check biochar for presence of contaminants. Throughout all of time the results confirm the perfect quality of Latvian Biochar. An original test report can be sent at request.


The delivery cost depends on the Postal Code.

Just a brief request to us and you will receive a non-binding quotation, inclusive of delivery cost.


Make a trial purchase and assure yourself of our quality!

For evaluation purposes we are sending free of charge a 10 l bag. You just pay delivery costs.

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