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We produce and sell 100% Biochar made of natural non-processed wood by the pyrolysis method in the temperature of 600 ° to reach especially effective micro porosity. Wood gas obtained during the process is used for drying, heating and also for energy production. It means that our Biochar is exceptionally clean, charred in precise temperature from natural wood; it therefore does not contain harmful substances and has an ideal structure of pores and surface. Production capacity allows production up to 500 cubic meters of the product per month.


Clean biochar
For charging with micro-organisms and saturation with nutrients.
For adding in bedding for pets.
For adding in pet feed.

Charged biochar
For improving soil.

Information about Biochar, its use and production may mostly be found in the Ithaka magazine (www.ithaka-journal.net).
For recommendations on purpose for using of Biochar in farming or livestock breeding, please contact the Ithaca Institute (www.ithaka-institut.org).

Size of the particles (0-1 mm, 0-5 mm, 0-10 mm, 5-15mm).
We can prepare the necessary fraction for your needs.

0-1 mm

0-5 mm

0-10 mm

5-15 mm


Make a test purchase and confirm our quality! We will send you a bag of 10 l free of charge as a testing sample. You will only pay for the transportation.

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Low price

Stable and high quality

We work on post-payment terms

Own production

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We can ship without VAT

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